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Born in Philadelphia, Rob started writing fiction at age eight. These were short stories written for the approval of his highly supportive parents. His family moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, when he was an adolescent, where he wrote mainly what he needed for school assignments, always submitting science fiction short stories when permitted. After high school, his writing interests changed. 

While attending Drexel University, he composed a series of novellas, most of them love stories set against the backdrop of World War II. After college, besides pursuing an engineering career in the Gulf Coast region, he wrote more stories, a teeth-cutting first novel, and a little poetry. By now, his interest focused on what romantic love can achieve in people’s lives. To pursue this theme, he studied the work of many authors and filmmakers. In 2005, he read a well crafted love story by a best selling author whose ending was a reversal so suddenly despairing that he felt outrage on behalf of the novel’s readers. 

Within twenty-four hours, he was writing Coinage of Commitment, a novel whose first draft was produced in a four month blaze of sleepless effort. Months of editing followed until finally, for all those readers wondering what level love can soar to, the finished work was proudly published by Saga Books. In May of 2008, Coinage of Commitment was awarded finalist honors in the prestigious National Indie Excellence Book Awards in the Romance category. Rob's second novel, Pocket Piece Cameo, was published in November, 2008. After this, Rob went on to non-fiction pursuits, as well as a career as a reviewer and a contest judge. In mid 2012, he decided to rewrite Coinage of Commitment to see if he could boost its reader appeal beyond what the Indie Excellence judges saw in 2007. 

The results were so encouraging he decided to rewrite both books. The second editions stories were published as ebooks in January of this year after seven months of full-time work. Rob is now working on his third title. Rob and his wife live near Houston, Texas.

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